How Often Should You Be Getting Your Hair Cut?

Here at Stuart Laurence Salon in Charleston, we are regularly asked questions on hair care. We’re always happy to be your guide so that you can look your best and be happy with your hair. There are many different environmental factors that can influence the quality of your hair and what type of care it may need. For example, we know that, here in Charleston, the humidity can cause lots of problems for those with curly hair, so matching you to the right products and having a hair stylist that knows how to best cut your hair can really make a difference. Additionally, the humidity can cause straight hair to become weighed down and feel stringy, but the right cut at the right time can make all the difference. While only your hairstylist will know how often you need to be coming in to get your hair treated, reshaped, or trimmed, keep reading for a guideline of how often you should be visiting our Charleston hair salon.

If you have short hair, like a bob, you’re going to be visiting your stylist regularly. To keep the shape and length, you’re looking at a trim every six weeks. If you love having short hair, like a pixie cut, you’re probably going to be visiting your stylist even more often, with a trip to the salon every four weeks in order to keep your shape and style.

Layers can be your best friend and really make a haircut your own, however, no matter the length of your hair, you’ll be visiting your stylist regularly. If you have short hair with layers, you’ll need to schedule an appointment about every six weeks. Long hair with layers can wait a bit longer, and you’ll need a trim about every eight to 12 weeks.

If you have curls, you know how difficult it can be to care for them well. Part of your process should be regular haircuts to keep your curls tamed. Curls made with fine to medium textured hair needs a bit more care than thick, kinky curls. Fine to medium hair needs to be cared for roughly every eight weeks. Thicker curls need less time at the salon and more daily care, with a salon visit every 12 weeks.

Outside of short hair, there are two cases where you may be visiting the hair salon quite often, and that’s if you have bangs or if you have damaged hair. Bangs need to be trimmed up every two weeks in order to keep them out of your eyes, which can cause frustration. Damaged hair also needs a little extra love and care. In order to take your hair from damaged to healthy again, you’ll need to see your stylist about every four weeks for trimmings and treatments.

Here at Stuart Laurence Salon in Charleston, you’ll find a wide range of stylists capable of meeting your every styling need. With specialists in both color treatment and curly hair techniques, you’ll find the perfect fit to get the perfect style each and every visit. Call or schedule with us online today!

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