Keratin Complex – Red

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Go for a show-stopping, vibrant hue with our series of rich reds enhanced with signature keratin technology. And with KeraHold™’s three components of color protection, you can achieve an array of dimensional copper, citrus and crimson shades that last. Ask your stylist about undergoing a red hair color transformation with Color Therapy™.

blonde_fourCover-Worthy Red
Hair Color

For this striking look that graced the cover of Modern Salon magazine in September 2013, Color Therapy’s International Artistic Director went graphic and bold.

“This is a strong color with lots of variance that can change into a different look with the flick of a comb,” Deb Gavin said of the red-violet color with highlights of pearly copper. “Diagonal lines allow for a softer blending of colors that is still high-impact, but not stripe-y or in your face.”

Refine Your Red

Keep color locked in with Timeless Color™ Fade-Defy Shampoo, a sodium chloride-free and sulfate-free formula that features UV absorbers to protect radiant reds—and all shades—from the sun.


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