2 Men’s Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

Hair Salon in Charleston

Hair Salon in Charleston

While women tend to place more value on their hair and put in tons of effort when it comes to cutting and styling it, we haven’t forgotten the men out there either here at Stuart Laurence Salon in Charleston. We know that many of you care just as much about your hair as your female counterparts. That’s why we provide premium haircuts for men here at our salon, and have also put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get your hair just the way you want it. That way you can also look your best, feel confident, and put your best foot forward anytime you step out the front door. Keep reading to learn a few tips to keeping your hair looking great!

Find the Right Cut

The number one thing you can do to help your hair looks its best on a regular basis is to find the right cut for you and keep up on it. Shorter men’s cuts grow out quickly and can lose their shape, so making sure you have your hair cut roughly every four weeks will help to keep every hair in line. Additionally, there are plenty of cuts and styles to choose from to help you express yourself. Finding the right one and being willing to take chances with a change can help you to look and feel great. Check out the following modern trends for men’s cuts that you may want to try.

Modern Crew

The modern crew cut has really increased in popularity lately, even though the basis of this cut dates back to the 1980s. The hair on the side of the head is razor-cut very short, much like a top cut. The top can be left at any desired length ranging from pretty short to decently long, and the sides will be blended up to this. What’s best about this cut is how versatile your styling choices are. You can use a little product to shape and pull the hair in any direction you choose. Right now, forward and to the side is quite stylish.

Long Hair Love

For awhile, long hair wasn’t appreciated on men like it historically was. Now, long hair on men is making a comeback. With styles ranging from the man bun to loose and long, or simply long on top and styled into a quiff, long hair is back and many women love it!

Choose the Right Product

The second most important feature to a great style is being able to choose the right products to create the look you want. With a range of products to choose from, it can often be difficult to know which one to pick up for the style that you want. The following list is a very quick guide on how to choose:
Pommade: Best for short hair and can easily create texture with a matte look.
Wax: If you want shine and control for a short style, pick up hair wax.
Hair Mud: Hair muds and fibers provide a large amount of control for longer, short hair.
Creams: If you deal with fly aways, or want a clean, natural look, pick up a cream for just a small amount of control.
Gels: If you’re into the slicked back look, or love strong hold products, grab a gel.

If you need help finding just the right cut, style, or product, look no further. The professional stylists are Stuart Laurence Salon are experts in all types of hairstyles and care for both men and women. Schedule your haircut today at your local Charleston hair salon!

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